Students' Union

The University of Manchester has the biggest Students’ Union in the country, and our building at the heart of campus is a hub of student activity, including multiple music venues, a bar, a café, as well as meeting space and accommodation for welfare and administration. This building is a vital part of student life, so it’s important that facilities are the best they can be.

Over a three-year period, the existing Students’ Union building will be refurbished and extended to provide additional space for staff relocating from the North Campus Students’ Union.

Refurbishment work will take place internally and externally, with external work including new windows, new roof, and new cladding to the north and south courtyard extensions. Internally, basement level improvements will focus around a remodel of Club Academy, including a new DJ Booth and a reconfiguration of the artists' dressing rooms. There will also be a new ticket office.

On the first floor, a new TV studio and dark room will enhance existing multimedia facilities for students, and the International Students Centre and Liberation Space will become part of the new extension.

A new staff office will create comfortable modern accommodation for all those working as part of the Students' Union.