Jodrell Bank Observatory

The Discovery Centre at Jodrell Bank attracts around 140.000 visitors of all ages each year to explore the wonders of the universe and learn more about the workings of the giant Mark 1 telescope.

The inviting spaces aim to inspire the scientists of the future by engaging them in the scientific research carried out at Jodrell Bank.

The development of the Star Pavilion will enhance the visitor experience by creating a flexible multi-purpose space that will be used for events, lectures and educational workshops. It will also be available for celebrations and corporate hire.

The thriving Plate Pavilion Cafe will be extended, creating a space 30% bigger than the current cafe, to cater for the anticipated increase in visitors.

A key element of this project is to preserve the hehe refurbishment of the iconic Mark 1 telescope, as well as an overhaul of some of its components and the original brick control building.

Overnight accommodation facilities will be improved for Square Kilometre Array (SKA) staff and visitors, and parking across the site will be rationalised.

The work at Jodrell Bank will ensure the telescope and its site continue to be at the forefront of research and that its popularity as a visitor attraction continues to grow.

The developments taking place over the next few years aim to celebrate and conserve the history of Jodrell Bank now and in the future, and will support its application for UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2016.